Healthy Eating on a Budget

Takeaway food can have a reputation that it is unhealthy, but it all depends on what you order. There are a number of food delivery options that offer a lot of nutritional merit – whether that is in the form of fibre, protein or anti-oxidants. When ordering food online, it is best to avoid picking options that are fried of heavy in carbohydrates. The basic nutritional principles should be applied when ordering food as to when cooking it.

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Healthy Diet To Lower Your Cholesterol

There are a variety of cholesterol lowering foods which are proven scientifically to have the ability to help lower LDL or bad cholesterol naturally or. Excessive bad cholesterol build up in you blood stream as you might have been aware, can lead to plaque build up and trigger such diseases as heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. One way to lower your bad cholesterol levels is of course to refrain from eating to much foods high in saturated fats. Saturated fat is a type of fat which is made of triglycerides containing only saturated fatty acids. Saturated fatty acids do not have double bonds between the individual carbon atoms of the fatty acid chain, meaning that is saturated with hydrogen atoms. There are various of types of naturally occurring saturated fatty acids, that typically vary in number of carbon atoms, from three carbons (propionic acid) to 36 (hexatriacontanoic acid).

Bellow are a list Several Cholesterol Lowering Foods

Salmon Fish

Salmon may be one of the well-known foods many people are aware of its health benefits. Salmon fish is rich in Omega 3 fatty acid, EPA and DHA , a type of fatty acid that can help lower cholesterol and triglycerides

The American Heart Association suggest that you to eat 2 salmon fish servings weekly to get health benefits from it. In addition to salmon , tuna, trout, sardines, mackerel, and herring are also excellent foods to lower cholesterol levels because of their high content of Omega 3 fatty acids

Soy beans

Soybeans and their byproducts or soy which has been processed into soy flour, tofu, soy milk, contains isoflavones, an organic substance that can lower cholesterol naturally. According to FDA it is recommended that you consume 25 grams of soy protein to get the most benefits of it


Nuts are very rich in soluble fibers which have been proven in many scientific studies to have the ability to reduce bad cholesterol levels. Consuming several types of nuts such as chickpeas and kidney beans over a regular basis can lower cholesterol levels by 10 points or 7 % according a recent study.

Green Tea

Green tea has been used as traditional medication since thousand of years ago. Green tea contains natural antioxidants that can help your body protect against free radicals such as catechin, polyphenols and theaflafin.
Several studies have shown that green tea can also lower total cholesterol, and improve the ratio between good cholesterol and bad cholesterol in the body by reducing the risk.


Garlic is known in one of the major ingredients of numerous Chinese medications. It is known to help increase the immune system and slowing the aging process. An organic substance known ajoene found in garlic can help lower cholesterol levels and prevent blood clotting., studies show.


Spinach is one of several cholesterol lowering foods which is also rich in lutein, a vital chemical substance which can help keep your eyes healthy . Lutein is also found to maintain good heart it can also prevent fat build up in the blood vessels. It is suggested , to consume spinach on a daily basis about half a bowl to get the maximum health benefits.


Chocolate is a one of tasty foods that lower cholesterol naturally if consumed regularly and without excessive sugar and milk. You’re recommended to consume dark chocolate or those containing less sugar and milk to get the health benefits.


Avocado is a one of food sources that contain naturally occurring unsaturated fats that can reduce bad cholesterol levels. Avocado contains high calorie and therefore it is suggested that you combine avocado with other high fiber vegetables.


Margarine made from particular flower seed oil such as canola is found to have health benefits such as lowering cholesterol levels You may not get the same benefits from conventional margarine made from palm oil since it mainly contains hydrogenated fats.

Cashew nuts, Almonds, and Walnuts

Cashew nuts, Almonds, and Walnuts are other favorite cholesterol lowering foods. They contain mono unsaturated fat , Vitamin E, Magnesium, and phytochemicals which are good for your heart.

Top 6 Healthy Takeaway Dishes

Singapore Noodles

Although noodles are fairly starchy, rice noodles are used in this dish; which are light and fresh. Singapore noodles are basically these vermicelli noodles with pieces of chicken, lean pork and shrimp with some vegetables in a light curry infused spicing. They are quickly fried to ensure all the health benefits of the ingredients are maintained and the actual dish is very low in calories. The spicing also allows for an increased metabolism rate to help burn off the calories slightly quicker.

Chicken Tandoori

This Indian dish is plain marinated chicken that is grilled in a tandoor oven. This means that this dish is almost purely protein and can be served with a side salad. It is usually red in colour caused by the marinade which has a blend of spices and herbs rubbed into the meat which is left to develop for around 24 hours. The tandoor oven is extremely hot and the dish is cooked with no oil making it extremely light. Most Indian takeaways will offer this dish in the starters section, but is usually available as a main dish too.

Grilled Teriyaki Beef

This Japanese dish is simple, it is just grilled steak that is served with teriyaki sauce which is a sweet and sticky marinade created with soya sauce. There is no frying involved so the beef stays tender and can often be cooked to your liking as the sauce is added afterwards. Eat this with plain boiled or jasmine rice too in order to keep this dish light.


Sushi is a Japanese delicacy that is usually served cold and has become very trendy lately. More and more restaurants and takeaways are serving sushi now and it is a very healthy way to eat takeaway. There are many different types such as sashimi, nigiri and California rolls. Fish such as eel, prawn, squid and salmon are used to create tasty and fresh tapas style dishes that are low in sodium and high in protein and all the goodness associated with fish such as Omega 3 oils.

Chicken Shish Kebab

You might be surprised to see a kebab land on the list here, but this is a huge revelation. Shish kebab is just grilled pieces of lean meat put into a pitta bread with salad. It is very healthy with no additives and additional ingredients – so try this next time you are at a kebab joint and experience the healthy side of this popular takeaway cuisine. Have maximum salad and try to avoid rich sauces too in order to keep the fat content right down.

Monk’s Vegetables

This Chinese vegetarian dish is homage to Asian vegetables and consists of quickly stir fried water chestnuts, Chinese leaves, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, carrots and peppers. The sauce is made from a mixture of water, oyster sauce and soya sauce so its rich but at the same time not too indulgent. This vegetable dish is the perfect alternative to a fried meat dishes such as sweet and sour pork. 2021 - Copyright © All rights reserved.